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Someone realised that Chameleons will hold onto anything you give them, it’s now hilariously viral

Written by Wamiq Ali

Chameleons not only change their colors but also have a sound habit of holding onto anything which is given to them. This artist realized this and instantaneously started to convert it into an artistic reality. Michigan based artist Emma Ward has shared pictures of her per reptile over the internet while handing him over miniature art. This pet looks so pretty and beautiful and girls all around the world including the men are going ‘aww’ over the awesomeness.

Emma’s tweet has been liked almost 401k times with a bonus of 170k retweets. Getting famous, right? Well, the story doesn’t end here since we’re going to share with you those amazing pictures of her Chameleon holding onto swords and other stuff. Her art even got a response from a flying squirrel owner.

The flying squirrel owner stated in the reply that his pet also does the similar response. He even shared the pictures of his flying squirrel holding onto other objects and that is surely an additional treat.

The Chameleon is holding a sword. Looks like a trained ninja, oh btw It made me remember those child hood cartoons, Ninja Turtles.

The hammer of Thor, I wish we could call it like this but the structure of this tool which Chameleon is holding is different. However, the attitude is somewhat similar.

These images got thousands of retweets and then someone approached the artist in the tweets and shared the pictures of his own pet.

Presenting to you the flying squirrel. I don’t know what it’s holding but it’s definitely something cool.

The flying squirrel also responds in the similar fashion as does a chameleon when handed with objects of small size.

This is quite cute, looks like a rocket launcher may be.

Someone got carried away with all this conversation and tried to make an art out of it. This is pretty amazing too!

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