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Someone pooped on high school track daily, turned out it was the SUPERINTENDENT

The superintendent at the Kenilworth school has been charged with repeatedly pooping on a high school soccer field and running track.

Thomas Tramaglini, 42-year-old was identified as the ‘mystery pooper’ who kept on pooping for a long time in Holmdel, New Jersey. He was captured after CCTV cameras were set up to catch the culprit. He returned to the scene of the crime, he was running on the track at 5:50 where he was caught in the act.

It is believed that the cops waited to observe him evacuating his bowels before they arrested him red handed. He lives in nearby Matawan, New Jersey, which is 3 miles away from the scene of the crime.

He was charged with lewdness, defecating in public and lewdness. The high school staff and coaches were finding human poop on or near the area of the High School track and soccer field on every day.

The culprit was captured in the act after he was identified due to the monitoring carried out by the School Resource officer. How long the staff suffered from the human excrement problem still remains mystery as police did not release further details on the matter.

Mr. Tramaglini earns $147,504 a year as of his current position at the Kenilworth Public Schools district. He is on a paid leave because pay could be only cut if one faces tenure charges or indictment.

‘The Board of Education wants to assure faculty and staff, students and parents, that the district will continue its responsibilities without interruption,’ it said in a statement.

‘Every day, and especially during challenging times, we are fortunate to have veteran administrators and other dedicated professionals on whom we can rely.’

‘We will continue to keep the community informed.’

Despite the fact that Mr. Tramaglini hasn’t been convicted, it did not stop him from being called ‘Pooperidntendent’, the ‘poopertrator’ and the ‘Mad Crapper’ from online trolls. He is set to appear before a municipal tribunal next week in Holmdel.

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