Someone made this one simple illustration to explain couple dilemma

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Trust is an important factor in all the relations, without trust a relationship can not work out, it can be any relation in any form. Hence, all the relations require some sort of investment in the shape of honesty and truthfulness, without this investment, trust doesn’t develop and things don’t go in the required direction. Hence, a little spark of hatred and mistrust can ruin a relationship entirely. Now, this is a complex notion which can’t be understood in depth. Therefore someone decided to make an illustration in order to explain the hurdles faced during a marriage.

Switching view for sake of change in paradigm can help build relations

Couple soften face difficult situation in their life, they go through different kind of situations which often require deeper understanding and compromises. Once they learn the reality and reasons behind such a rift, they can easily decide to go for a compromise. 

The image attempts to show the reality of a relationship. The explanation of this image which appeared on the social media goes like, “The man is unaware of the snake underneath which poses a danger to the woman, meanwhile the woman doesn’t know that there is a stone pressing on the man.” The explanation of the image goes further, “The woman thinks: I am going to fall and I can’t climb because the snake is going to bite me! Why can’t the man use a little more strength!” Then the explanation shared on the social media tries to explain the story side of the man, “The man thinks: I am in so much pain! Yet I’m still pulling you as much as I can! Why don’t you try and climb a little harder?

What is the moral of this discussion?

The moral of this discussion is quite simple. One can’t estimate the amount of grief which the other person is going through. Walking in the shoes of other people is not an easy thing. Sometimes what that is anticipated is far away from the reality. Therefore, understanding is necessary. One can’t visualize the amount of pressure which other party is enduring. The realization can only be made if things are watched from an open perspective with an open mind. It’s life and things should be understood regarding feelings, family, friends. Everyone requires some level of understanding.

Different people used different methods to explain their predicaments, like one person commented that the couple is quite unlucky as they can’t share their feelings with one another using simple words. One woman wrote that the woman could be seen yelling but the guy like other typical men is not just listening. Another woman gave her perspective by saying that when one person is in horrified state then words don’t come out easily. What is your opinion regarding this explanation?

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