Someone is stealing wheels off from the police cruisers in Mississippi

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It’s said that thieves often have a habit of stealing, they kind of get a kick from the job. Therefore, even if they leave robbing people, they come back again to this job for sake of having the same kind of adrenaline rush which they get while conducting a theft job. An incident has happened for the second time in Mississippi after which the police cruisers were left without the wheels. What benefit would be of a cruiser if it has no wheels.

According to the Sgt. Roderick Holmes, who was interviewed by the media after such incidents were reported at various level, he said that three police cars were towed Saturday after police found that the wheels of those cars were stolen by some individual. The thief hasn’t been identified so far however, the police is still looking into the matter.

Surprisingly, the cars were parked in a safe area, around a police museum in downtown Jackson. The police also doesn’t know at what time the wheels of those cars were taken down. This happened for a second time in month when police cars were left bereft of the wheels. The police is looking forward to find the thief behind this coordinate operation. Another car was left on the blocks outside the west Jackson police training academy in March without the wheels. Someone had taken wheels off the police cruiser in that particular high security area.

The Mississippi police is attempting to find the mischievous thief behind all these thefts. They believe that they would be able to soon catch him if he dares to do another robbery on the same pattern. This news has been reported by KNOE and it’s becoming frustrating for the police as they haven’t come across the identity of the thief.

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