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Soldier steals armoured vehicle and leads police on two-hour chase

A soldier was taken into custody on Tuesday night after stealing a personnel carrier for a National Guard from a base in Virginia and made police chase him for about two hours.

According to reports, Lieutenant Joshua Philip was under influence of drugs when he overtook the huge M577 vehicle, and shared pictures of his long drive while tweeting strange comments, he was doing all of this while police were after him.

He tweeted a photo of himself with his military helmet on and his head outside the vehicle while making a gangster-like hand-sign. He also shared a footage from within the vehicle. In one tweet he wrote: ‘where is this damn water buffalo’ and ‘all I wanna do is get an anime wife.’

Just before he hijacked the vehicle, he tweeted ‘thinking about putting my packet in tbh.’

He was working as a Lieutenant with an engineering battalion of the Virginia Army National Guard at Fort Pickett, the same place where the incident took place. It was a late night high-speed chase of 60mph. The vehicle didn’t carry any weapons, however, Yabut had his service weapon with him but it did not have bullets in it.

Bystanders were left in shock to see such a unique police chase and took pictures/videos of the incident and shared them online. The vehicle was being driven at a high speed and it even reached 45mph at a point but no causalities have been reported so far.

People took the whole situation to the internet and some users even compared the scenario to Grand Theft Auto, a third person perspective game.

One Twitter user Nico Rico wrote: ‘Lmao someone stole an armored personnel carrier and acting like Richmond part of GTA.’

‘This is INSANE! Someone has hijacked a ‘Tank-like’ vehicle from Fort Pickett and just drove it by our apartment!’ Parker Slaybaugh, communications director for the Virginia Speaker of the House, added.

He finally stopped and got out of the car. He has served in the military for more than 11 years and was also deployed in Afghanistan from 2008 to 2009. The investigation is being carried out by Virginia Police.

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