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Other smartwatch alternative to Apple Watch

Smartwatch looks like a simple wristwatch but it can perform many other tasks than only keeping the time. It can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and share data with it. The early made models of the smartwatches can perform basic tasks such as playing games, calculations, conversions Etc. whereas the latest model of the smartwatches are fully capable to replace your cell phone. Whenever we heard the name of smartwatch, the name of first company comes to our mind is Apple. But the truth is that you have a wide choice of a smartwatches other than Apple. Let me tell you other smartwatch alternative to Apple Watch which are lesser known to the common people.

Pebble Time Steel


It is one of the most funded Kickstarter project of the Pebble Company. You can get it at a price 50$ less than the APPLE’s smartwatch. It can give you a battery timing up to 10 days and its timeline interface looks like a clever idea for a smartwatch. It give you a voice control, detachable straps with the variety of leather and metallic straps and many other options. It is not available yet on commercial basis but they are taking the order for it and shipping may starts from 1st July 2015.

Guess Connect


The second other smartwatch alternative to apple watch is “Guess connect”. People prefer the Apple’s watch because of luxury and fashion but Guess is providing an equally stylish gadget. Its Bluetooth gives you the choice to get your notifications at your wrist and its voice control can allow you to shout out your commands to your Android Handset. Guess and Martians are sharing this project so this would be the nice amalgam of style and smart gadget side. Its price and availability are yet to be announced but it is expected to be launched in the month of June 2015.

Basic Peak


If you can compromise on the appearance than the best of the other smartwatch alternative to Apple watch is this gadget. It is waterproof up to the depth of 50 meters which means that it can withstand the pressure of 5 ATM. It measures the amount of sweat and the temperature of your skin. This smartwatch suits you the best if you are fitness focused rather than those who want to show off and had to have something fancy on their wrist. Above all it can give you battery all along the week if fully charged. You can get this smartwatch at the price of 199$ which is way less than the price of Apple’s watch.

Garmin Fenix 3


It is another one of the sport looking smartwatch which is designed for those who had to go out often. It can keep track of your running, indoor training swimming Etc. This comes with the package of GPS, compass, barometer, altimeter and much more. You can get all your notifications on it. Only thing in which it is left behind from the Apple’s watch is in economy because it is bit expensive and its sale is expected to starts in coming few weeks. Its price is 449$.

Meta M1


It is one of the closely related smartwatch to that of Apple’s. it give you equally stylish and fashionable look and choice of seeing your notifications on your wrist. Its app give you the choice that which notifications you want to get and which app you don’t want to listen doesn’t come up with the number of sensors like GPS or compass. It provide you a monochromatic screen that is you can get a battery timing of the whole week on a single charging. It is little bit less expensive 149$.

Microsoft Band


One of the other smartwatch alternative to Apple watch is the recently launched Microsoft Band. It is very much less looking like a smartwatch but it will still tell you the right time and show you your notifications. But its basic aim is to record your activity. It comes with the number of useful sensors like GPS, Thermometer barometer Etc. With the help of this you are also able to measure ultraviolet light.  Its price is 199.99$.

Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smart


The traditional Swiss watch manufacturer don’t wants to be left behind in the race of smart watches and Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smart is the proof of this fact. It gives you a traditional face watch dial and the other dial is for fitness tracking which means that you can’t get you social media notifications on it but if you do care more about style rather than the twitter alerts than this is the best available option for you. It is ready to launch in coming few weeks and its price hasn’t been announced yet.

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