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Which Smartphone Operating System would Suit you Best?

Now a days life is empty or incomplete if we don’t have a cellphone (Smartphone) with all the necessary things that might suit our personality or our daily usage of phone. Smartphone has helped us get over several things that we would consider a burden earlier, such as, carrying a good dictionary, a thesaurus maybe, a diary for reminders and I have even seen several people considering a wrist to be an extra ornament which contributes to their burden list.

We have several smartphone operating systems to choose from today, yet we are either too much in-tune with our current operating system or we are scared of moving from one operating system to another, because of the fear of changing into something worst. In this article we are going to go through some smartphone operating systems that are floating in the market currently to let you guys have an idea about what would suit your nature and your usage of the smartphone more.

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#1 Windows OS

The first Operating System is the windows operating system which mainly runs on Smartphone designed by Nokia after Microsoft purchased Nokia. Most of the people would tend to thing about the Windows Smartphone OS to be similar to the one 80% of the people around the globe use on their laptops and desktop PCs. To some extent this might be true but to very large extent it is not. Confusing a smartphone OS with a desktop OS is largely a miss conception.

Windows Phone 8

 Without any more delay we would start getting onto the facts and figures. As compared to other smartphone operating systems the Windows Operating System stepped into the arena late and it is yet to shine on the market and by the pace it is attracting people towards itself it very impressive.

 As of now, the Windows Operating System does not have as many applications on the “Windows Store” as the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) but it is being developed at a very fast rate thanks to Microsoft for providing the best development tools to young graduates and students who are making the store shine brighter and brighter with each passing day.

 The OS provides the tiles GUI and users would find it extremely easy to use and friendly once they jump into discovering the phone for the first time. Everything seems to be placed neatly on the desktop and one can easily set up the desktop according to the needs of the user.

 Performance of the phone usually varies from one phone to another although there has never been an issue with the performance of phone which running the Windows OS and more importantly the phones provide an amazing battery backup which is very rare and attractive about the phone. Another impressive feature of the Windows Operating System is that it provides all the OS updates directly on the phone and that includes each and every phone that is based on the Windows OS so there is no discrimination between the expensive devices and the not so expensive windows devices.

 Some of the most commonly used applications tend to have unattractive interfaces, again because the OS is yet to spend another 2 to 3 years before it can be compared to its rival.

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#2 iOS

iOS is no doubt one the most famous Smartphone Operating Systems that are used by majority of the people in the market currently. It specifically runs on the iPhone and iPad devices and is in a tough competition against the Android Operating System.
If you are looking for a simple operating system with the simplest interface that has ever existed than the best choice for you is to choose the iOS. The interface is very easy to use and everything seems pretty much in place and in order.

The iOS feels very smooth when it comes to performance  and usage, there is a huge range of applications available on the App Store which is the market place for iOS applications. The built-in apps are put up so nicely that a new user would find pleasure in using the phone for the first time.

Although, there are several downsides that I would like to go through before you could make your conclusion. The first and the foremost issue with the iPhones and iPads are their cost, the latest iPhone costs $649 off-contract and an extra $199 for 16Gb variant, $299 for the 64GB variant and $399 for the 128GB variant. So basically, the phones are extremely expensive and might not be affordable for a larger majority of people.

To further add up, several iOS users have reported that the apps cease to run if the phone is not synchronized with a software named iTunes that run on the PC. The synchronization is usually for the purpose of keeping a backup on your PC but for some people it gets too much to connect the phone with the PC and synchronize their phone after a certain period of time.

Moreover, if you are coming from an operating system that has all the rich media, such as,widgets then the iOS is certainly not for you. The interface is very appealing in the start but it gets boring after a period of time.

Long as updates are concerned, iOS definitely is the winner. Since the iOS is only operated by iPhone and iPad the updates are easily circulated across these devices once a new update hits the market.

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#3 Android

Last but not the least, we have Android Operating System which has the most users across the globe because of the fact that the Operating System is open source, meaning any one can pick up the original Operating System and make changes to it according to his/her needs. As a result, there is a huge number of Smartphone Manufacturers that are designing their phones for operating the Android OS.


The Android OS is the best match for those users who are looking for a wide range of choices between the hardware they would want to purchase based on their personal choice and preference. Mobile manufacturers, such as, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG are the most famous manufacturers that design phones for running the Android OS.

Moreover, each of the above mentioned manufactures have their own interfaces on top of the Android OS which adds to the usage of these phones and user can choose from these devices based on their taste.

The “Play Store” which is the official store for purchasing applications, provides a large range of applications to its users. The best part about the Play Store applications is that majority of the applications which are paid on the iOS are completely free on the Android OS.

As I mentioned above you can select from a large range of devices and due to this fact the prices of these devices are very good compared to that of the iPhone. On top of that, the android phones a large room for modification of the interface of the device. You can add widgets that match your needs and they would make things seem good to the eye as well as adding ease of providing information to the user.

The main issue although is availability of updates, most of the mobile vendors are slow with providing updates on their phones although the issue has been partly resolved recently as most of the manufacturers are providing updates to their devices for the latest Android OS.

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