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‘Skinhead lesbian’ tweet about Parkland student ends Maine Republican’s candidacy

Leslie Gibson released strident remarks against a Florida Student and the people backlashed. Gibson called Emma Gonzalez, “skinhead lesbian” and another student, David Hogg, a “moron” and a “bald-faced liar.” The featured image of this article shows Emma Gonzalez haranguing the crowd at the rally of gun control.

The Maine state House Republican erred to disparage the two teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting incident. Thus, the candidate, Leslie Gibson, got dropped out of the race after drawing heavy criticism and challengers from both the parties. Leslie Gibson had been running to represent the District 57, Maine unopposed but the things went downhill once he left some poor comments on the Twitter. He called Emma Gonzalez, “skinhead lesbian” and David Hogg, “moron” and “bald-faced liar.”

The state lawmakers, at least two Republicans were not happy with the remarks. They quickly condemned the comments, Hogg even went a step ahead and issued a call on Twitter. He asked that anyone should run against Leslie Gibson.

Thus, by Thursday there were two challengers who were hurrying to fill up the papers to run for the intended seat. The very next day, Eryn Gilchrist and Thomas H. Martin Jr. had entered the race, thus Gibson had withdrawn. Media couldn’t reach Gibson to ask for comments and he also removed the Twitter account on which he vilified the Parkland survivors. The screenshots of the tweets are circulating all around the internet and they prove that the person had disparaged the survivors.

Later, in an apologetic tweet, Gibson acknowledged that his remarks were not appropriate. He claimed that those were harsh and uncivil and he shouldn’t have left out the students. Martin had no plans to run for the seat since he had just moved to a new area while his wife had adopted a baby boy.

Well, we believe Gibson learned his lesson well.

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