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Singer Pink has been honoured with Hollywood Walk of Fame star

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Getting a star in the Hollywood walk of Fame is indeed a great thing, as a lot of artists and famous people dream of getting this honour. Recently the pop singer Pink has been honoured on Tuesday with a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. An event was arranged in this regard and the singer seemed happy and surreal as she received the award. The fans of the pop singer were happy on this occasion because they believed that the singer actually deserved getting this star. They believed that her skills being an artist deserved such a praise so that the people to come may know her efforts, that Pink had obtained the praise because she worked hard to make her name heard.

The singer was not ready to accept that she had just earned a space in the Hollywood walk of Fame and as he attended the event she thought that it was all a part of a big dream which would soon vanish after she wakes up from sleep. This Grammy nominated singer was surrounded by her husband and two children during the ceremony. Pink paid a tribute to her father because she believed that whatsoever she became was just because of her father’s upbringing and encouragement. She said that her father encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Pink’s original name is Alecia Moore, while her fans know her with the stage name Pink. She was overwhelmed with joy when she received the honour of having a star in the Hollywood walk of Fame.

I feel like I’m dreaming and if anyone pinches me, I’m gonna punch them in the left eyebrow. I feel like a lot of people probably only thought I would make it to the walk of shame, but here I am. (said the 39yo singer-songwriter who appeared to be quite happy)

During the motivational speech she told everyone that they should believe in themselves and the real power was to not give up on life and most important thing was to not give up on one own self. It is worth mentioning that pink has received around 20 Grammy nominations and she has also won three Grammy Awards during his career, on Sunday she was nominated for another Grammy award for her album “Beautiful Trauma”. She has released more than 50 million records and seven studio albums. Going through her life one can only learn this thing, motivation and desire to do something can help one achieve anything in life given that he actually takes small steps towards it. Movement actually takes someone to his goals.

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