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Simpsons show could be cancelled by its own creators, warns its star

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The show has been on air for around 30 years and it has made a place in the heart of almost every viewer. There are many people who just watch this show on regular basis and they enjoy the idea behind the show, along with its characters. However, one of its stars, Yeardley Smith, the person who gives voice to Lisa has warned that the show could be cancelled.

The show is pretty popular and it currently airs on the Fox channel. Last month, it had entered into a partnership with Disney in a $71.3 bn deal and critics were calling it one of the biggest media mergers happened in past.

The good news of the Simpsons renewal came in February, when The Simpsons was renewed for another two years. This was made sure that the show would be aired till 2021. However, there were certain speculations that the show was expected to be moved to another network, like Disney owned ABC. The audience was worried that the new episodes might have a tint of Disney’s audience requirement.

Smith said that since Disney has to take some big decisions to better suit its audience, therefore the creators of the show would have to look into the matter. If Disney opts to make The Simpsons lose its soul then the show creators would prefer to leave the show. This would mean an end to the famous show which aired for 30 straight years. The voice actor said that the show involves portions of culture and changing those portions and attempting to change those portions was a risky job which Disney chose to do after acquiring the show.

So my feeling is — and I could be completely wrong — is that they would cancel it before they would change it [creatively] (said the voice over artist)

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