Shotgun shell triggers a live 9mm round upon impact

Written by Wamiq Ali

This guy from TAOFLEDERMAUS received shotgun shells from Germany and he decided to upload a review video on the internet and the video is interesting enough that it deserves a thorough watch. These set of shells from Germany are designed to behold anything from a 9mm to 7.62x39mm.

 The strange point of these slugs is their heaviness, they weight more than 58 grams with a live 9mm inside. These shells are supposed to trigger a 9mm round upon the impact with the target. This seems to be great in theory but difficult to be translated into a reality.

There are a lot of variables that anything can go wrong in this scheme, so much can go strange with these shells. A chain reaction inside the chamber can be responsible for an early discharge.  The shell can likely tumble through the air making it float in the wrong direction and hitting the wrong target. The 9mm can resultantly be launched in an unintended direction. The guy, however, experimented with the shells to see the end results.

The shell is made out of brass with a rubbery coating as it’s designed to hold a live 9mm round. The end result of these 9mm loaded shells is to hit the target and blow up with maximum damage causing capacity. Now, if this shell tumbles around in the air due to a heavyweight then hitting the target with a 180 degree turn might cause the shell to shoot the 9mm towards shooter in the wrong direction.

Testing these massive shells

In the first test as shown in the above picture, the shell actually floated in the air towards the target while tumbling backwards. Now, if a round is present inside the shell then that round might shoot in the opposite direction.

Do watch the video below, and have fun looking at the slowed versions of the test shots fired using these German shells with 9mm inside.

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