Shoplifter busted as he returns to scene to fill out a job application

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Some thieves are pretty smart while the others; they are not careful in using their endeavours to pick up something. It is a similar story, a man after shoplifting things from a store, returned to the crime scene only to fill out a job application form. It might pretty much seem like news of the stupid, and no doubt it is indeed news of the ridiculous.

It would have been interesting to read how he answered the question, “Have you ever charged with a crime?” The man belonging to Wyoming was arrested as he filled out a job application form. He had shoplifted sunglasses and bullets. Gillette News Record initially reported the entire story.

The 36yo alleged shoplifter first visited the Gillette, Wy. Sporting store and picked up a pair of $90 shades and ammo worth nearly $50. Three hours after he did this, he returned to the store and filled out a job application form. During that visit, the alleged thief also picked up two more pairs of sunglasses which valued at $85.

He was out of luck because he got filmed in the CCTV camera while he attempted to remove the stickers of the new items. The shoplifting would affect his candidacy for the job with the store, the retail chain has 93 stores and currently employees 5,300 people.

I don’t know what the guy thought when he preferred to return at the store. He could have picked up the items to leave again, but that second time he preferred to apply for the job as well. This one thing affected his chance to get hired and the store would be super-careful and might probably reject him for the position altogether.

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