Shop Owner Pelts Tomahawk-Wielding Robber with Tuna Cans & Pringles

Danger can be the ultimate motivator if one allows it to be. Different people behave differently in response to a sudden threat. Some stand up for their defence while some just try not to do anything extraordinary because they see it in their best interest. However, when it comes to the Aussies, the majority of them would take a risk instead of being a hopeless victim.

Such is the case of this stubborn shopkeeper who defeated a robber, who was armed with a tomahawk, with merely tins of tuna and tubes of Pringles. In a situation like this, an average guy’s response would be a surrender to a robber. But using tins of tuna and tubes of Pringles to defend oneself is a unique and a fascinating thing to do and see.

Video of the shopkeeper was posted online and it has since gone viral. Store Manager Baz Rizk scared off the potential robber with the merely grocery items until he gave up to ‘teach him a lesson’.

The robber appears to be in track pants and a hoodie, he was captured on CCTV cameras attempting to rob the Friendly Grocer in Crestmead, Brisbane, armed with a tomahawk.

Credits: News9

Mr Rizk moved to the end of the aisle and started smashing the food at the wannabe robber before he gave up and chose to run away in fear, according to a report. In the same video two female shop assistants were also caught on CCTV footage getting a baseball bat to capture the robber by chasing him down.

The bold shop manager told he merely kept ‘pelting’ the robber until he ran away.

I wanted to get this guy, take him down, and teach him a lesson,‘ he told. ‘I just kept pelting until he dropped. He copped four tins of tuna to the head, some pringles and some baby formula and he ran for his life.

Queensland Police told media outlet that they are investigating the incident.

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