Video shows a cop repeatedly beating up a homeless woman with baton as she begs for mercy

Written by Wamiq Ali

Police are required to maintain the law and order for the best interest of the public. This cop filmed in the video, however, doesn’t look like maintaining it but rather he looks like going beyond the limits defined by the law. A video of a police officer beating up a homeless woman repeatedly using a baton has emerged online. The woman kept on asking for mercy but the cop was resistant enough to pay any attention to her plead.

The police officer reported that the homeless woman, McCrary, impersonated herself as a federal agent. She is alleged to provide a random badge number to the police officer as she walked past him. Officer Larscheid warned her not the impersonate an officer. She then allegedly tried to snatch his badge and things went downhill. The officer tried to arrest the lady and she allegedly resisted. This resulted in a one sided fight and the officer started to beat the lady with a baton.

At one point the lady tried to grab the officer’s baton to which he replied, “Let this go off, or I might shoot you.” The police report included all the minor details, in the report, it’s written that the officer hit the lady on legs and arms in order to force her to stop the resistance.

The lady was taken to Grady Memorial hospital. She was later discharged because of having no major injuries. She also had received one baton blow on her head when she was trying to move away from the officer. You can watch the video below, courtesy of Metro News.

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