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[Shocking Video] Sea Lion Drags a girl off the pier into water in Richmond B.C.

Written by Wamiq Ali

Port authorities are criticising the family of a young girl for reckless behaviour which posed the girl to a serious hazard. The girl was dragged into water off a dock at Steveston in Richmond B.C. on 20th of May, 2017. Simon Fraser University’s student Michael Fujiwara happened to be there capturing a male sea lion approaching the dock. A lot of people also gathered there as they saw a sea lion approaching the pier.

Nobody was expecting the amusement to turn into something serious. Fujiwara the eyewitness, says that the family started feeding sea lion with breadcrumbs while the young girl was wearing a white dress, sitting on the edge of the pier. Sea lion was moving to and fro from the dock, while one time it jumped off the water but didn’t cause any harm to the girl. However, for the second time it jumped off the water surface again to grab the girl by her shirt from her back and dragged her down into the water.

The family and people surrounding instantly went into a sudden shock. 

One man standing near the girl, suddenly jumped into the water to get the girl back onto board. His sense of fight and flight helped to rescue the girl. Fujiwara says that he often visits docks and this is the very first time in his life, he has captured something so shocking. Watch the Video:

Bringing attention of the reader towards the docks management side, it is worth mentioning that the administration of the docks have already displayed warning signs urging people for safe behaviour at Steveston docks perhaps which are not being heeded to by the public. They are warned not to feed the sea mammals. Robert Kiesman, chair of the Steveston Harbour authority said there are several signs present at the Steveston docks warning people not to feed the sea animals that frequent the area. One shouldn’t let ones little girl sit on the dock’s edge who was dressed in baggy style, inviting sea lion, as it had snapped at her before the incidence. Kiesman also added that there are similar issues in British Columbia of people feeding sea animals and getting hurt. More warning signs are being posted in the area so that no mishaps occurs again. According to Canada’s Marine Mammal Regulations:

…..no person shall disturb a marine mammal except when fishing.

The signs at Steveston docks now clearly indicate the fine worth dollars 100,000 in case the sea animals are disturbed.

Credits: Meerakati

Sea lion’s bite can cause serious infection which may even cause amputation or death. The experts over the incident say the girl must be taken to aquarium so that proper diagnostics is carried out because the bacteria in sea lion’s mouth can cause serious infection. The experts say that it wasn’t the animal’s mistake as it thought it to be something eatable, but soon after it grabbed her down, it was shocked enough to free the girl. It might be the white colour which triggered the behaviour.

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