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Shocking reduction in traffic congestion as a result of public transportation in Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle has a history with traffic blocks and it is like a routine announcement on KUOW radio. Some people decided to make a video to effectively show the benefits of public transport in Downtown Seattle. This GIF shows the lesser traffic flux as a result of public transport deployment. This traffic flux can be greatly reduced even if the use of bicycles are promoted.

On Feb 27, a truck carrying butane had crashed I-5 downtown. This caused a major traffic block and when the bottleneck was released, the whole city got flooded with traffic. Merely the light rail was a service which could run reliably, other buses and personal cars got stuck on major roads. The traffic situation got so bad that a taco truck, stuck in traffic, opened its window to start serving people. 

So this GIF serves the idea of traffic control with either more bike oriented lanes or an overall usage of public transport. I think both are good ideas for travellers for in city commute. 

The GIF Showing the reduction in Traffic:

Credits: Reddit/User/Jasko1111

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