Sharing ‘video-on-demand’ password can get difficult, as AI tracks illegal account sharing

There are many people who actually like to share their video streaming account with their friends. Some people don’t like this sharing as they call it illegal, however they are often forced to share their account because of the close relationship. However, such days can soon get over, a video software provider has come up with a weird AI which can track down account sharing practice. The firm claims that it can track down free account users and help service providers ban such accounts.

Synamedia creates an AI to help track service providers ‘illegal’ account sharing

The users think that they are smart enough to make one account and then share it with their friends and fellows. However, this AI created by this company Synamedia would prove to be more smart. AT CES 2019 the video software provider, Synamedia revealed a new type of AI. According to them this would help service providers crack down account sharing.

According to the stats, as researched by Magid it was found that 26% of millennials were involved in account sharing practice. They gave away their credentials for the video streaming service. This meant a decreased revenue for the video services. This new AI would be able to check the entire system in real time. As a result of the checking it would be able to quickly flag those accounts which are involved in sharing practice. 

Another research by Parks Associates revealed that account sharing resulted in a revenue loss of $9;9 billion, and this estimate was until 2021. This software created by Synamedia uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to track down account sharing. Since, behaviour of different people is different. This software allows operator to specify the number of users which can be allowed to use a single account. The Synamedia software can track the logins and location of those logins. It can differentiate between the users smartly.

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