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Shaquem Griffin becomes the first one-handed player in the HISTORY OF NFL

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This is a unique moment as NFL Shaquem Griffin heard about being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks to play alongside his twin brother Shaquill.

Unique in a sense that this moment is inspirational, positive, emotional, hope-giving, and whatnot because Shaquem Griffin is one-handed.

He didn’t let his disability back down from his dream.

In the video below, the 22-year-old can be seen talking to Seahawks in the family. He thanked them for the great news and embraced his brother in tears.

The video then shows the scene when the siblings watch Shaquem’s name being mentioned on the TV, and everyone loses it at this point and starts yelling cheerfully as a celebration.

Shaquem had his hand amputated when he was merely a 4-year-old child due to a condition that prevented the finger’s on his hand to fully develop.

He was picked on Sunday in the fifth round, he is the first one-handed player in NFL’s modern day history.

Shaquem had won defensive player of the year award in 2016, at college level

The star, from the University of Central Florida, said before he heard his name was read out: ‘I want to show the entire world, no matter (if you have) one hand, two hands, if you’re a ball player, you just play ball.

‘If I can get to a practice, that’s when everyone is going to see who I really am. I’m not worried about where I go, what time I get picked or what team picks me, as long as I get a chance to get to a practice, I’m going to show everybody what I can really do.’

Shaquem was excellent at college level. He won all his conference’s defense player of the year award in 2016 and then starred for a team last season, which was unbeatable.

He caught the world’s eye at the NFL Combine in March when he was the fastest runner at 40-yeard dash for a linebacker since the year 2003.

He is also a weight-lifter who bench-pressed 225 lbs. with 20 reps, which is 3 reps more than his brother did.

His brother is extremely proud of him, who was also selected by the Seahawks in the 3rd round last year.

His brother explained his emotions by claiming that he did not cry on his own selection but cried upon his brother being selected.

‘I couldn’t hold it. I just couldn’t hold it,’ he told ESPN. ‘I’m excited, and I’m glad we made that choice and we’re bringing my brother back home.’

Jim Abbott, a baseball pitcher who was born without a right hand, sent his best wishes to Griffin on Twitter, writing: ‘Thrilled for you @Shaquemgriffin. Beyond words…’

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