Seven best friends buy mansion together to grow old together, worth £460k

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Friendship is an important thing in life. It helps in personal as well as in social growth of any individual. It’s safe to assume that a person is the average of his company i-e the people with which he spends his most time. Therefore, friends are important and having good friends is a blessing. Some people try to organise a get-together among the friends, while other try to grow old together. A group of friends proved to be of the latter category after they bought a mansion worth £460k in order to grow old together. These best friends were sure that they wanted to enjoy each other’s company.

The best friends from China didn’t hesitate to spend £460k in a bid to get a home for getting old together. They wanted to make it their retirement home. The house which they purchased has three storeys and is situated next to paddy fields. It has also floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a tea pavilion and a massive open kitchen. Above everything the house also features a swimming pool. What else can anyone expect in a home? Definitely this is a dream home and anyone would love to reside in it. It’s highly unlikely that some one would reject to grow old in such a house with his friends. The theme of growing old with friends in a single house is pretty strange and it’s out of the norms. Most people get married and try to make their own family. They shared their ups and downs with their family; however, this group of friends decided to do something unique.

The house which this group of friends purchased is pretty perfect. Anyone would love to have this as his house, especially when the scheme is to get old.

Since all of them are like-minded friends, therefore, they decide to make a tea pavilion in the middle of the field. This tea pavilion has been connected by a bamboo walkway. They would definitely spend their luxury time in tea pavilion.

Each one of the is independent but have a sense to cooperate with each other to solve any problem or issue.

We’ll cook, have barbecues in the fields, sing and collect food form the village.

These friends have decided to learn different things in order to keep an efficient upkeep of the house. Jin called everyone an independent individual with a capacity to talk and communicate for solving issues.

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