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Service dog goes viral, has its own School ID, featured in School yearbook, saved 16-year-old junior owner multiple times..Definitely Unique

Dogs are the best companion of humans. Stafford County High School students were shocked when they opened school yearbook and watched their four-legged classmate. A picture of a dog in school yearbook was attention grabbing for everyone.

The photo actually shows 16-year-old junior Andrew Schalk along with his service dog Alpha. 

Schalk had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Alpha (the service dog) helped him on various occasions. He in an interview told media that often during the night his sugar level got dangerously low but Alpha was always there to wake him up. The dog itself is quite popular in the school.  Schalk approached the school administration to add Alpha in yearbook. They acknowledged his request and took a photo of Alpha. However, they needed to make a little change like lowering down the camera in order to capture Alpha’s photo. (Joke Intended)

Schalk even requested the school to issue an ID to alpha. 

Alpha the Service Dog(Credits: AJ Schalk)

Social media has emotional reactions to this story. Diana Bloom on twitter posted that she started crying when she came to know that some school put a dog photo in yearbook. Some guys say that they loved it while other refered it as something extremely cute. What are your reactions? This service dog is amazing, it saved Schalk life various times.

Schalk and Alpha Credits: AJ Schalk


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