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Self-claimed time traveller from 2043 reveals the reasons of ‘World War 3’

Written by Logical Men

World is full of weird people and among those is Mr Phillips who claims himself to be a time traveller from the future. He said that he had come from 2043. It may be a made-up story in order to get himself famous as the internet has a potential for viral and contagious stories; it makes them go viral instantly. What so ever is the reason, let’s talk about the horrendous claims of Mr. Phillips. He has recently released a video in which he has shared the reasons of World War 3. He is persistent that in the future such a horrific war on global scale has happened.

Mr Phillips said that he had come from the future to explain the reason of WW3. He claimed that he wanted to save the world by going into the past.

The video of Mr. Phillips was posted on Youtube. It was reported by Mirror. He said that he was born in 2043. He said without any evidence that a nuclear war would be the reason of a fight between North Korea in USA in the future. (Well, don’t take his talks too much seriously because he didn’t provide any proof of what so ever he said)

He further told in the media that the war would only end after USA will uproot Kim Jong Un through a missile. He further claimed that it would become an immediate cause of WW3. According to his message uploaded on the YouTube he claimed that China and Russia would make a bloc against UK and USA.

Editorial Comments: Well, what so ever the future holds, definitely after the UN nothing like this is going to happen. The world has saved itself from any war on such a large scale as ‘total war’ since 1945. We all can see the Mr. Phillips might be trying to intimidate the world by gaining some popularity scores for himself.

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