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Self-claimed 6491 to 2018 past-traveller undergoes ‘LIE DETECTOR TEST”

Written by Logical Men

A guy claims to be from year 6491 and is stuck in 2018 because his time machine has stopped working, what makes it interesting is he passed a lie detector test.

He calls himself James Oliver and his story seems to be taken straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, but the shocking thing is that experts say they were stunned to see him passing a lie detector test with 100 percent accuracy. He claims that he lives in future but was sent in past. He appeared on ApexTV, which showed bizarre results with the lie detector test.

He told that his years are different than our earthly-years, they are longer because his planet is further away from sun than earth, so the rotation of his planet around the sun takes longer. But due to gifted mathematicians of his time, they are able to keep track of interplanetary time.

He spoke in Birmingham accent and described his life in his original time. He also told about the discoveries about other life forms – some of them even more intelligent than humans. He also warned about the future wars with such aliens. He also said that new planets and galaxies are being discovered every day and rarely they have an intelligent life as well.

He also told about a United Nations-like federation which keeps the interplanetary peace. He also told about the earth getting substantially hotter due to global warming. He stated that different species are in allies and he is even friends with an alien from another galaxy. He also shared details about an AI called Siri, every single person will have it and Siri will recognize its owner by voice.

In the end, he was asked a question about who is going to be the next U.S. President and, on this question, he told that he is only allowed to share some information and not all.

Watch the video of his successful test which has been shared by DailyMail

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