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Selena Gomez gives life update after facing setbacks, Finding Joy and Confidence in Music and Life

Clarifying Retirement from Music

Addressing a comment she made on a podcast last year about a possible retirement from music after one more album, Gomez clarified that it was not meant to be definitive. While acknowledging the natural inclination to take breaks, she expressed her desire to focus more on her acting career.

“I love film. I love TV. I just feel like I haven’t done a lot of the things that I want to do in that space,” she explained. While not ruling out a return to music in the future, she emphasized her current focus on exploring the world of acting.

Anticipating the Next Album

Gomez shared her hope that her next album will be available for her fans to listen to sometime this year. Regarding her upcoming fourth studio album, SG4, she teased that it will not be similar to her last two singles. She expressed excitement about exploring different styles of music, hinting that fans might be surprised by the contrast.

“I like releasing songs that I love and I care about. I just released them into the world, and later comes the full album,” she added.

A Blossoming Romance and Personal Growth

Amid her professional endeavors, Gomez is enjoying a blossoming romance with record producer Benny Blanco. She described him as someone with whom she feels the “safest.” This positive turn in her personal life marks a significant contrast to her past relationships, which she has openly described as “toxic.”

‘Part of me feels like I’m finally at a good place with everything in my life,’ Selena writes on Instagram