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Secret Report: Russian workers are training themselves to learn to smile due to FIFA 2018

Russia has a unique culture of seriousness, they see smile without any reason as a sign of stupidity. For this reason alone, one does not see many happy faces on the Russian street.

But it is a strange time for Russians because the nation is preparing for Fifa. Employees in the nation are being given strange lessons to appear more welcoming.

About one and a half million tourists are expected to visit Russia during Fifa 2018. This is alone enough reason for them to smile. Because it will no doubt bring many opportunities to the locals.

In preparation for the arrival of such huge crowd that is coming to witness the World Cup, employers in key companies like FIFA, Russian Railways, and Moscow Metro are all undergoing unique training.

Russian Do not Smile – Claims Report:

Russians do not smile as much as their neighbors, according to a report by a media outlet. Some cultures do not deem smiling as an important activity or a masculine one. They feel that being happy is not the benchmark. In Japan, India, Russia, and Korea smiling faced were considered less honest, says another report. Krys had conducted this study regarding the “uncertainty avoidance” in cultures and societies.

More than 1.5 million tourists in Russia expected – Enough reason to be happy!

However, there’s now a reason to smile – 1.5 million reasons to be precise, as Russian news agency Tass claims 1.5 million foreign tourists are expected in Russia during the World Cup.

To prepare for all the tourists, workers in key companies like FIFA, Russian Railways, and Moscow Metro are all undergoing unique training. A media outlet said that the world governing body for football and the two Russian transport firms are working together to teach workers how to smile. The report states that “Russian train conductors are being taught how to smile at foreigners,” in an attempt to tackle the general idea that its people are rude.

The World Cup officially started on June 14 when Russia has played against the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the opening match. Russia won the match meanwhile Muhammad Bin Salman the de facto Saudi ruler watched Putin.

If the host nation had won its first match then workers would have even more reason to show their happiness. Will this bring much-needed prosperity to Russia is a question skeptics are trying to answer.

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