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Seaweed pouches to serve as an alternative to the thousands of bottles

Seaweed pouches might be a new thing to our readers. However, the use of these pouches is as revolutionary as the need appears – seaweed pouches. Thirsty during a hot day? Well, seaweed pouches are the answer to your thirst. According to a press release, around 41k marathon runners would be given seaweed pouches so that they may quench their thirst while running on a hot day. The authorities in this way are attempting to end the waste generated because of the consumption of millions of water bottles during the marathon.

A London based startup has produced these Ooho seaweed capsules. The startup is called as Skipping Rocks Lab. The name is as innovative as their product. Definitely, this is going to have a huge sociological impact on the people and as a result this would be better for the environment.

These pods are edible and safe. The good thing is that their manufacturing cost is lesser than the plastics. This would mean a huge revolution if products like these are brought into the market.

One of the startup founders said that they use the building blocks of the seaweed. The first step is to remove the smell and the next step is to remove the green colour. These pods biodegrade within six days if these are not consumed.

These pods are meant for the athletes and the people who are on a move. These can be filled with any liquid. The mission of this startup is to end the plastic from the world.

Plastic is a huge problem for the world. According to the Unenvironment website, people have become addicted to the single use plastic products. Every minute around 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased. Half of the plastic which is designed in the shape of products is used only once. Then it finds its way to the waste dumping sites. Around 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced every year.

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