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Sea creature ‘resembling the Loch Ness Monster’ washes up Georgia Beach

Written by Logical Men

The oceans cover more than seventy percent area of the world, and most of it remains undiscovered. It is strange that with the help of modern technology, we drew maps of stars that are light years away but couldn’t figure out most of our earth’s aquatic part. It is said that there are literally more than hundred of aquatic species that remain undiscovered. The oceans seem so mysterious and whenever there is a mystery, it leads to folktales and stories. In every culture, there are folklores of oceanic life have different monsters or creatures.

One of these many folklores is a Scottish folklore of “Loch Ness Monster”. Several photographs and sonar readings indicate its existence, but they are widely criticised for being questionable. Like in many other folk-lores, it is huge and scary. It is also known as “Nessie”.

Jeff Warren, a person who was on a walk with his son on Georgia beach encountered a strange creature on the shores of the beach. He took its pictures and posted them online.

The pictures went viral and people are freaking-out about its resemblance with “Nessie” and that was not all of it. Some of the people on social media claim that it has a strange resemblance to an extinct species called Plesiosaur. It is a prehistoric large marine reptile. But the experts say that when the body of the sharks decompose, it results in a strange resemblance with Plesiosaur due to the decomposed.

Some skeptics are calling it an April fools joke, before the April fools day. While thoughtful social media users are calling it a dead shark. Talk about calling spade a spade.

But there is no doubt that the ocean is filled with marine life, that we might consider monstrous or strange. It shouldn’t be that way, we can cherish the unknown by its strange mysteriousness rather than we fearing it. But it would have been pretty awesome if it, in fact, turned out to be a folklore came true kind of thing.

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