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Scumbags kick pregnant ‘fast food worker’ in stomach multiple times & get instant retaliation

Written by Wamiq Ali

For Texas college girls enter into a fast food restaurant and get angry enough to attack the pregnant fast-food worker. The brawl started when the seventh-month pregnant women working at Popeyes was kicked in the stomach by scumbags from the Texas State University. The clip of the Brawl went viral and made the four girls earn a lot of hate from the online community.

The local news source KSAT reported that the incident took place after 9 p.m. on Tuesday. the owner of the fried chicken restaurant told them that the four girls were wearing Texas State University shirts. They tried to give an order for their meal in the Drive-Thru. Everyone was trying to order separately and it became a confused situation as no one was ready to listen & demonstrate their orders clearly.

The worker politely asked them to come inside and place their orders. It made the girls angry and they came running inside and started to hit a pregnant employee. The assistant manager was pregnant and the girls started to hit her right in the stomach.

She tried to defend herself, nevertheless, all the workers of the fast food restaurant came in and tried to defend their assistant manager. Then all the employees made the four girls go away.

Now, this is a sick behaviour and these girls should have known that they are not entitled to everything around. These girls were of the opinion that nobody could have turned them down at first place. They couldn’t absorb the employee asking them politely to come inside and place the order so they started a fight.

All the Popeyes employee can be seen in the video fighting the four girls who assaulted their pregnant assistant manager. The video was erratically shot by someone present at the scene through his mobile phone. You can watch the video below:

The clip got uploaded on the Twitter and the police were reported about the incident but when they reached the restaurant the girls had already fled the scene. The video was deleted on the Twitter but before getting deleted it got a lot of shares and retweets. It was tweeted for more than 11k times and got around 18k likes.

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