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Scumbag takes selfie with homeless man before setting him on fire

Two people got arrested for carrying out a heinous crime while they took a selfie with a sleeping homeless man. They allegedly tried to set the man on fire. The purpose of their activity for carrying out such an act is unknown yet.

The CCTV footage of the two men carrying out the job of bullying the homeless man has been captured and uploaded online. The footage earned a lot of hate from the online community and people instantly started cursing these two guys for carrying out the crime. One of the guys sat around The sleeping victim on a bench and put his arm around while the other friend snapped the photos and laughed at the scene.

These two bullies took several photos of the sleeping man who is around 51-year-old. After they were finished taking his snaps and pictures they started to set the belongings of the homeless man to fire. A few days back the detectives released the CCTV footage of this man sitting at Munich train station when two guys approached him and set his stuff on fire.

The Munich place reported that one of these two men used a cigarette to set fire to the homeless man’s belongings and then they fled the station. There were passers-by who stopped in order to help the homeless man and put out the fire. Some days later a 25-year-old guy along with a 29-year-old was arrested on suspicion of attempted grievous bodily harm in Munich.

Letter, both the men who were of Italian origin told the police and confessed that they were having fun with the homeless guy and meant no serious harm.

Previously we had also reported a woman urinating on the belonging of a homeless man and then setting them on fire.

Well, teenagers and adult people of today are thinking that setting the belongings of homeless people on fire is something fun but we do not endorse the same and you think that such an erroneous act is against humanity and against the very deep roots of society. If this continues to happen and people continue doing harmful stuff to other people just because their financial status is not so strong then the society will simply scatter around and it will be hard to put it back into a mesh.

Watch the video of the Incident, The CCTV footage:

We’ve uploaded the CCTV footage obtained from the mirror with a few views from our own side. The footage clearly shows the two guys doing something stupid with the sleeping homeless man.

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