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Scientists remove Alzheimer’s from mice in major breakthrough

According to a new research, certain antibodies may be able to remove Alzheimer’s plaques from the brain. This research was carried out on mice

The initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s start to appear 20-years before it completely sets in. This happens because of development of amyloid beta plaques that build up over time and is thought to be the cause of the memory losses and cognitive losses.

And this research about antibodies was carried out at Washington University School of Medicine, these antibodies can remove the proteins these plaques are made of altogether.

Using antibodies to cure Alzheimer’s is not new, many clinical trials have already taken place but they remained in trial phases and couldn’t go beyond that and for a good reason. Many of these treatments resulted in side-effects that are unsustainable.

But this new approach used in the above-mentioned research may have a way around these side-effects.

Alzheimer’s disease receives millions of dollars worth of funding each year and yet there is no cure for it and that is when it settles in.

The pharmaceutical giant Eli Lily is responsible for developing the most promising drug yet.

These antibodies work after getting introduced into the host and making the way to target the protein, this triggers the immune system to attack this protein.

Although this is promising, those drugs that pass animal tests still have a 94 percent chance of failure in human clinical trial stages.

Many have a loved one who has been struck by this illness. This is the worst kind, imagine a person you knew and loved your whole life forgets you like he never knew you. It is utterly painful, even thinking about it is enough to give me chills. Let’s hope because for the first time there is a chance that this might actually be cured.

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