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Scientists just found the perfect live-able spots to build underground colonies on Moon

Every day I wake up and I’m greeted with some amazing progress in science. Today we have a great news about lunar colonies which might happen someday in the near future. The humanity will not forever stroll on the earth, it’ll happen on the moon as well. A lot of Hollywood movies are already dedicated to the interplanetary homes. We’ve learned a lot about space but still we know nothing, definitely, knowledge has no bounds.

The earth happens to fall at a precise distance from its central star known as the Sun. The sun is an ultimate source of energy and heat. The earth lies at such an amazing distance that the sun offers it both moderate heat and cold.

The moon has made scientists wonder about its crater-like features. We weren’t sure if these long crater like entrances were actually caverns carved by the lava, a long time ago. Well, now we are sure about the nature of the caverns, all thanks to the research teams from both America and Japan.

A research paper with title “Geophysical Research Letters” was published recently which confirmed that these several pits are actually large lava tubes, stable enough to host a human colony inside. These can serve as a good shelter for humans and instruments. The team called JAXA combined radar and gravity data to find the proofs.

The benefit of these large craters beneath moon’s surface are numerous. One such benefit is the safety from heavy radiations occurring from the sun. Since the moon has no atmosphere thus these craters are the best options to be moulded for human existence.

The presence of such live-able spaces inside the moon was found using SELENE spacecraft. The instrument bounces off radar through these craters. A difference in echo pattern helped scientists identify these lava tubes. Similar echo patterns were found nearby, it means there are more such structures.

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