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Scientists for the first time find evidence of huge underground water system on Mars

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In the last two centuries science has prospered a lot and the major progress which it has made is because of the enthusiastic individuals who believed in the their imaginations and ultimately with the help of the hard work they were able to corroborate these imaginations in the form of facts. One of the major questions for the scientists is to find out the way through which the earth was so placed near the sun that it made life possible on this planet only. Many activists believe that the scientific advancement has affected the ecosystem of the earth in an adverse manner and this has made the scientists, according to them, to find another alternative to the earth in case if something goes wrong or if the life ceases to exist on the earth. Therefore the developed countries are spending billions of dollars in the space exploration programs in the bid to find life on some other planets. Today the world is equipped with nuclear technology and there is no chance that human beings can afford another world war, in case if any catastrophe happens then the earth would not be able to sustain life.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and it is the second smallest planet in the solar system it has a radius of around 3000 km and it has two moons. The Viking project was the first mission which was sent to the Mars in order to explore its surface, and Mariner 9 successfully became the first Mars Orbiter which photo mapped around hundred percent of the planet surface. Coming forward to the year 2019, astudy was published in the journal of geophysical research in which the researchers have explored the deep craters in the north Northern hemisphere. They claim that they have found a geological evidence that there is an interconnected water system deep beneath the surface of the planet. According to the researchers this underground water system holds all those minerals which are necessary to sustain life.

We think that this ocean may have connected to a system of underground lakes that spread across the entire planet. These lakes would have existed around 3.5 billion years ago, so may have been contemporaries of a Martian ocean. (writes the researcher, Gian Gabriele Ori, director of the Universita D’Annunzio’s International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Italy)

In around 5 of these 24 creators which the researchers observed beneath the surface of Mars they found that these five of them had an existence of clays carbonates and silicates. This raised hopes for the researchers because these compounds are found to be closely related to the existence of life on the earth. This propped up the theory that Mars at one time had all the necessary components from life. There is another mission Exomars which is a joint mission of the European space agency and Russian space Corporation roscosmos and this mission would also be trying to find the evidence of life on the planet.

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