Scientists find proof, 66 million years ago when a meteor hit Earth & made it devoid of all life forms

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Science has prospered quite a lot in recent years and this is all because of the hard work of the scientists and enthusiasts who want a continuous explanation of the phenomenon which happen on the earth. Science is all about natural explanation of the different things which are present on the earth. Science evolves when someone tries to explain three things, when, where and why. An answer to these three words is tantamount to someone getting closer to a new discovery. Recently, scientists found a proof which shows that the earth was hit by a meteor nearly 66 million years ago which ultimately removed all the life forms from the earth.This might seem like a sad news for a lot of people who have some heart.

The scientists in US have discovered the fossilized remains of the mass creatures which once walked the surface of the earth. According to the remains, the scientists have found that these massive creatures died minutes after an asteroid had hit the surface of the earth. This had happened 66 million years ago. This sealed the fate of the dinosaurs. Poor dinosaurs didn’t know that their fate was sealed by a meteor. Normally people start to make a wish when they see a falling object passing through the open skies.

This discovery was published in a paper which was distributed on Monday. According to the news update a team of paleontologists from the University of Kansas say that they found a “mother lode of exquisitely preserved animal and fish fossils.” According to them they found it in North Dakota. The asteroid had hit the Mexico region, and it ended almost 75pc life on the earth. This ended the regime of the dinosaurs and gave way for the humans. The impact brought down some seismic effects like earthquake which became the cause of ending the life form.

The sedimentation happened so quickly everything is preserved in three dimensions — they’re not crushed. (said the co-author of the research David Burnham) It’s like an avalanche that collapses almost like a liquid, then sets like concrete. They were killed pretty suddenly because of the violence of that water. We have one fish that hit a tree and was broken in half.

According to the researchers they are able to look at the moment-by-moment record of the history, all thanks to the fossilized remains.

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