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Scientists call on the world to replace sugar and red-meat with vegetables

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Recently a study published has suggested people to change their eating habits. This study serves as a reminder to those who don’t have a balanced diet. Body like any machine needs lubrication and fuel in order to work well. Food intake is something which full fills the needs of the body. The study was published in medical journal Lancet, and it has requested people to reduce meat as well as sugar intake. It has also suggested people to double the amount of nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Study made claims regarding the future sustenance of planet earth

According to the stats, around 815m people are suffering from undernourishment. The study linked healthy eating habits with the climate change, as it claimed that the rich nations needed to adopt more vegetables and fruits. The link is corroborated by the fact that the global green house gas emissions are linked to dairy products. A large amount of forest land is cut in order to make room for the livestock, this also effects the environment. In addition to this, agriculture normally takes around a lot of water, therefore revolutionary means for upgrading the agriculture techniques in the world are needed. Scientists claim that the plant-based diet is a solution got ending the food crisis in world and also this would mean a more sustainable future, as it has been linked with the climate change.

The comparison wants everyone in the world to have a balanced diet. According to the study the North American’s need to have 84% less red-meat. Whereas for Europeans 77% less red meat and 15 times more nuts and seeds were needed. The scientists after drawing comparisons found that balanced intake of diet was a win-win situation for everyone. The stats claim that unhealthy diet has lead to 2 billion people obese, 800 million people currently hungry and around 2 billion malnourished and the balance needs to be created so that the less fed people get to eat something and those disbalancing the food chain might eat less. The Walter Willett at Harvard University has said that the world needs to change its eating habits drastically.

Humanity poses threat to the stability of the planet. (Said Prof Johan Rockström at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden)

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