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Scientists to bring 50,000-year-old lion back to life

Written by Wamiq Ali

Science has made its way quite far and today we can do certain experiments which were once a dream. Name the technique and revolution, we’ve already done it, all thanks to the scientific research. A lamb clone has already been done and today we are striving to do head implants. The rebirth has been shown several times in a lot of movies but that hasn’t been yet achieved through modern medical techniques though clone can be called one step towards this particular branch of research.

An extinct lion has been discovered and it is thought to be from the Ice Age. The scientists are planning the possibility of it to be cloned and brought back to the life. If the experiment goes successfully then it will see the revived world nearly 50k years after.

The Siberian Times has reported that the little furball was perfectly found preserved on the bank of Tirekhtykh river in the Abiysky district of Yukutia in Siberia in Russia. The local resident named Boris Berezhnov found the cub pretty much preserved.

Dr Albert Protopopov said that the found specimen is a perfectly preserved lion. All the limbs have survived. There were no traces of external injuries found on the lion. The preservation of the lion is found at such a perfect level that scientists believe they can make it come back to life through a clone.

The same Siberian region had two other tiny lion cubs which were discovered a few weeks back. These two cubs weren’t in good condition as compared to this recent discovery. One of the cubs had traces of mother’s milk. Looks like it perished when it was feeding off his mother.

Everyone was amazed then and did not believe that such a thing is possible, and now, two years later, another cave lion has been found in the Abyiski district. The preservation degree is even better.” – said Dr. Protopopov

The teeth of the cub are being analysed to give a perfect account of his age. It’s believed to be 50k years old. The doctors said that when it awakes one wouldn’t want to be near.

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