School superintendent arrested for using her insurance to help sick student

A school superintendent got worried for her student after he didn’t show up for school. Upon investigation she realized that he was sick and couldn’t pay for his medical expenses. However, she used an illegal mean to finance his health checkups and that’s why the school superintendent got visited by police. She told the police that she had to use her health insurance as she grew worried about the student. The superintendent used the name of her son to spend money on her student. She gave medical treatment to the student in name of her son. Hence, the superintendent which works at Indian school district got arrested.

Superintendent Indiana school charged with insurance fraud

The police upon taking up the case was charged with insurance fraud, identity deception, insurance application fraud and official misconduct. These details were written in court documents, as obtained by the nbcnews. The Police obtained details that Smitherman had taken a 15yo student to an urgent care on Jan. 9 as the student had missed school because of the soar throat.

She had earlier taken the student to one healthcare unit but they refused to treat him, as she wasn’t his guardian. Therefore she took him to the St. Vincent Med in Elwood where she got the student checked using the name of her son for the student. Smitherman said that she was worried as her student was no showing up for school, therefore, she visited his house in order to keep a check. She said that she didn’t called the child welfare authorities as she feared that they would place him in a foster home. She didn’t want such a thing for her student therefore she took a drastic step. She had also helped student in past by cleaning his home and buying clothes for him. She said that the student is under care of a relative. 

Smitherman was later arrested and released on a bond of $500. She would possibly be giving fine and also doing community service, as the court date hasn’t been finalised for the next hearing.

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