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“Save the Date” – Couple Photo Taking Over All Internet

Written by Wamiq Ali

“Save the Date” – The picture of a couple below, went viral and is taking over the whole internet. The reason why it went viral is the picture itself and the theme which this couple has created in open field.

Source: Joshua Rainey Photography / joshuaraineyphotography.com

Source: Joshua Rainey Photography / joshuaraineyphotography.com

A photographer from Oregon, Joshua Rainey was hired to take photos of this amazing couple. The couple had something unique in their mind. The couple is named Steve Beard and Brady Hogevoll.

The photographer has recorded his message to Buzz Feed News as follows:

I shot the photo on a property owned by Brady’s parents. They have over 150 acres along the Siletz River [in Oregon]. The whole family is very into elk hunting and even hosts Make-A-Wish elk hunts on occasion.

Stevie and Brady came up with the idea and surprised me with it during engagement photos. We worked together to figure out how the image should look and set it up quickly before sunset.

It was rather tough to get the shot though, since Brady could only be upside down for a few minutes. Brady tied his own knots and got himself hooked up to the tractor and then his dad lifted him up slowly.

The snap was shared on the Facebook and it has been shared almost more than 30,000 times. The theme chosen by the couple is indeed very unique and as photographer recorded his message to media sources, the couple actually was willing to comeup with something unique and shocking. The time to take photo was indeed quite less, since the guy couldn’t hang himself up for so long in such a upside down position.

The dad of the guy actually lifted his body, slowly. I must say, both the dad and son were willing to make these moments memorable. As a matter of fact, humans are not aware of the near future, so every moment we have gotten in this world must be lived up to the right standard. Every moment must be counted as a gift and should be lived to the fullest. This couple has just shown something similar.

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