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Saudi Crown Prince says ‘Jared Kushner handed him U.S. intelligence’

It is been a long time since the name of a Saudi has been popping up so frequently in NEWS media.

Muhammad Bin Salman has been picturized as a hope for the change in an ultra-conservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is the Crown Prince (Wali-Uhad) of Saudi Arabia.

Recently, he bragged about squeezing the classified US intelligence from The President’s son-in-law and using it for his campaign against corruption.

He is considered a de facto ruler of the richest country in the Middle East. He is currently on a tour in the United States in which he has already met President Donald Trump in White House along with the richest and influential people and booked an entire Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for himself and his companions.

According to several sources, he has been bragging about his close relations with the president’s son-in-law.

The corruption purge is seen by many as a power move by him to increase his influence even more in the country. Allegations of torture of hundreds of people were made, which included princes from rival parts of Saudi royal family and few of country’s wealthiest businessmen.

There were several pictures released that confirmed the captured were tortured and according to the New York Times one person even died due to the injuries that were inflicted during the torture.

He even boasted that the Kingdom got $100 billion as a result of settlements.

Kushner declared it a false story through his attorney.

Peter Mirijanian, Lowell’s spokesman, said: ‘The alleged exchange never happened. Mr. Kushner was and is well aware of the rules governing information and follows those rules.’

MBS also claims to have the information of people who are disloyal to him.

Jared took a list out of names from ‘US eavesdrops,’ of people who were supposedly MBS’s enemies,’ said one source, characterizing how MBS spoke about the information.

‘He took a list out of these people who had been trashing MBS in phone calls, and said ‘these are the ones who are your enemies’.

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