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Saudi Arabian King finally issues a decree to allow women to drive in his country, licenses to be issued

Written by Wamiq Ali

The days are gone when women in Saudi Arabia used to publish videos online of their stealth driving. They used to do so as a protest against the ban on female driving. Today, King Salman orders the authorities to issue driving licenses to the women. Now, women will be able to drive in Saudi Arabia.

The world welcomes this news in a positive way and a lot of people are already worried as they didn’t know that Saudi Arab had banned female driving. Any man living in Saudi Arab must renew his license before the long lines of women start to appear. It’s a historic royal decree granting a driving license for women. The decree before it got issued involved a long session of meeting with ministries of finance, internal affairs, labour and social development.

The royal decree will implement the provisions of traffic regulations, including the issuance of driving licenses for men and women alike,” said the Saudi Press Agency.

Ivanka Trump highly supported this decision of Saudi Arab. Women all around the globe feel better for the Saudi Women. Ghada Ghunaim a Saudi writer said, “This will have a huge impact on Saudi Arabia’s economy. We have to remember that our kingdom produces more female graduates compared to our male counterparts.

Most families in Saudi Arab depend upon a private driver in order to transport their female relatives to school, work and other places. There are around 800.000 men who work as a driver solely to Saudi Women. There were a lot of families in Saudi Arab who couldn’t afford a private driver. This decision will help those families financially.

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