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Saudi Arabia threatens Trade War Against West over Human Rights Controversy

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Saudi Arabia is getting angry at moment because of a publicly released statement of Canada. A statement was released on an official level from Canada which denounced the Saudi’s trying to circumvent the rights of activists. Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, is trying to take the Saudi Nation to a path of liberalism.

A recent allowance of women to get driving licences and opening of cinemas in Saudi Arab are one clue to the entire mainstreaming of liberalism. However, recently some human rights activists especially for women were arrested in Saudi Arabia. The religious police feels to be still active in the religious monarchs’ land.

Canada decided to speak in favour of the women rights activists. However, MBS didn’t like the west overstepping the sovereignty of his country. Thus, as a response the Saudis decided to exchange hostile barbs with Canada.

Saudis threatened to go for a trade war against Canada. Riyadh today took an additional step, it announced that all the Saudi patients are to be withdrawn from the Canada. The patients who are of Saudi nationality will be taken out of the Canadian hospitals for transferring them to other hospitals outside Canada.

The diplomatic ties are already severed as a response to the Canadian statement. The Saudi diplomats have been withdrawn from the Canada. The Canadian ambassador has been expelled from the Saudi Arab.

The United States can sense the trouble at moment. The continuing difference of interests in Canada and Saudi Arab is a cause of problem for the common ally, America. Heather Nauert, the state department spokeswoman said that both countries should solve the problem diplomatically, American cannot do anything for them.

Canada had asked an immediate release of arrested activists.

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