Sanders: Trump failed to protect working class & didn’t live up to his promises

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Bernie Sanders is attempting to run a successful presidential election campaign for the upcoming 2020 US elections. He wants to win this election with a support of the working class. He has mostly campaigned for the rights of the workers during his career as a politician. Democrats want to use him for the purpose of wooing the working class of America so that they may vote to make him a president. Bernie Sanders during a stop in Gary amid Rust belt tour categorically said, “I want your vote.

The Vermont Senator during his visit to Gary Genesis Center said that Trump failed to fulfil his promises. He alleged that Trump was unable to stabilize the middle class.

What angers me about Donald Trump is that he said in so many words he would stand up for the working class of this country and he would take on the establishment, well, he ended up appointing more billionaires to his cabinet than any president in American history. (said Sanders expressing his criticism for the Trump’s policies)

Sanders gave a speech of 40 minutes. This speech was a part of his four-day Rust Belt tour. He made this tour in Madison, Wisconsin. Bernie Sanders also accused Trump of lying.

I think I can understand why people voted for Trump, I got that, We have a president who is a pathological liar. He lies almost every day. (said Sanders)

The purpose of this visit was clear. Sanders wanted to send an open message to the working class. He wanted them to be sure of the Trump’s failure of safeguarding their rights. Sanders had lost the 2016 presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton.

Sanders was comfortable to take a series of questions on unemployment, education, health care and environment. He claimed to work on increasing the wages if he got elected in 2020 elections. Another thing he said was to support the union culture and youth training programs.

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