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San Jose: Cat killer gets 16 years for torturing, killing 21 cats in Cambrian Park

Written by Wamiq Ali

A San Jose resident was given 16 years of jail time for torturing and killing 21 cats in Cambrian Park. He also had sexually abused a dead cat. It’s hard to digest news for the people who started to report missing pets.

Robert Roy Farmer, a 26-years-old, will not be registered as a sex offender when he’ll be released. This brings quite a satisfaction to both Roy and his lawyer. A test performed by San Jose Animal Services showed no signs of the animal abuse. However, the same guy who performed tests also reported that due to the diverse nature of the problem it can’t be determined that whether Roy had sexually abused a cat or not because the other signs were against Roy. However, more research is required in the field for proper answers.

Roy also had written a letter before he was sentenced to 16 years, he stated, ‘It feels like another man committed these crimes, but I know it was me. It’s quite hard to grasp that I did this, doing something so horrible while I grew up with cats and horses’.

A doctor also examined the mental state of the Roy, and they came to a conclusion, profound lack of empathy and remorse were characters of his personality. Doctors also feared that in future he might be a threat to the community and higher life forms.

Several cats in the area were found dead, some in the dumpster. A 15-year-old cat was found dead wrapped in plastic inside a shoebox. There are cats which were never found after being taken away from the owners.

This story came to an end when a CCTV camera caught someone picking up a cat. Upon further investigations, it was revealed that it was Roy who was picking up that cat in the footage.

Cat owners happy after Roy was sentenced

Roy was so obsessed with cats when he was arrested he was sleeping in his car with a dead cat in the centre. Roy is a son of a retired captain of San Jose police department. A family where Roy lives also gave reports of being frightened of the guy because of his cruelty to animals and sometimes humans.

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