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San Franciscans raise $70,000 to stop homeless shelter in a wealthy area

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The city mayor gave some critical and angry responses regarding the residents of a wealthy area, when San Franciscans decided to crowd fund the money required to stop a homeless shelter from being built up in the area. This is one of the unique happenings of its own. The residents of the area launched a money collecting campaign on the GoFundMe website and they got funded by managers, executives and authors. In the process they gathered around $70,000 which would be ultimately used by them to hire a attorney. This attorney would be using legal ways to stop the building of the homeless shelter.

However, the campaign took a u-turn when another crowd-funding campaign was launch against this first campaign. This new campaign has obtained over $73,000 which plans to stop the first campaign. This rival campaign has earned some good donations from CEO Marc Benioff and from the Twilio CEO Jess Jawson. The company GoFundMe itself donated to this cause, thinking that the shelter for homeless was a good thing.

They clearly don’t like people who don’t have the same amount of money in their bank account as they do, they clearly don’t like people who look different, who sleep outside at night. (said on resident of the San Francisco who opposed the move of rich people to block the homless shelter construction)

There are around 7,500 homeless residents in the city, as reported by The Guardian. Also around 1,400 are waiting for temporary spots to open. The San Francisco mayor sided with the homeless people and said that he was committed to help the unsheltered residents and challenges on the streets. However, she was disappointed when she learned about the decision of local residents to file a lawsuit against giving shelter to homeless people.

What do you think about this news story? Do you side with the homeless people fund?

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