Samsung presents 219-inch TV and it’s called The Wall, a dream of Football Fans

Science has changed the landscape of everything and today people are more interested in having latest technology, as compared to the people of the past. This has brought some massive competition between the vendors of different technologies. The companies strive to get the latest technology and for that purpose they have made a good size of investment on the R&D sector. The research makes sure that they remain ahead of others in their technical and innovative game.

Samsung is one participant of this game, it has outdriven many of its competitors and surpassed them when it came to the technological innovation. The company just know how to step up its technology. This time they have revealed a new size of television. It would be safe to assume it as the biggest television, as far as the home usage is concerned. Huge screen televisions aren’t a common thing in most households. Even today people believe that a 52 inch television is a huge step forward. Samsung has however rejected this belief and they came up with something special. This time they revealed a 219-inch television for home usage.

Televisions these days are quite impressive, talk about Netflix or game playing experience, everyone needs a good screen television, just to view things in a better resolution. This Samsung huge sized television screen is so spectacular that almost everyone would want to have it in his room. The company has called this 219 inch a TV as The Wall. It’s quite a logical name depending on its huge size. This bad boy was revealed in CES technology expo which had taken place in Las Vegas. It’s quite a good place in which companies showcase their technical products. It has become a sort of launching pad for innovative products. The TV is so big that those who have a weak eyesight might not need any glasses any more. Imagine a good gameplay on this TV with your best friends, like playing Call of Duty.

Picture: The event picture of The Wall at which Samsung showcase thus perfect device.

All thanks to the micro-LEDs , because of which this TV is better than 4K displays. Samsung in a statement revealed that this huge TV was made using small individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs. The modular panels can be placed in any shape in order to fit the needs of the customers.

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