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Salon owner rants about Californian homeless crisis forcing her to relocate after 15 years as she gives up cleaning outside her premises

Homeless crisis is not a new thing, it is something which existed in the days of past. Rents which are continuously being increased are a major force behind the homelessness. According to US News, New York and California are a home to the two most populous cities in U.S. and also suffer from the worst number of homeless people. From 2017, the number of homeless people have grown at 0.3 percent, the recent stats of 2019 are not yet available.

Recently, a business owner created a new buzz on the social media when she shared her rant about giving up on her home because of homeless people in California. She says that she has been forced to relocate after 15 years because of a growing number of homeless people. She shared a rant on Twitter and explained how she found people outside her door sitting in camps when she least expected them.

Daily Mail and other media websites covered her story, meanwhile she was invited for an interview by Fox News. She claimed about the epidemic of homelessness which has taken a toll on the health of the residents of California. She has run a salon for 15 years. However, she used to clean the outside of her saloon, because of the litter caused by the homeless people. Beyond that, some homeless people also broke into her salon on occasions. In the rant, she claims that she has to clean off left over syringes too.

Novak was quick to mention Governor Gavin Newsom in her social media tirade, as she blamed him for not coming up with a comprehensive plan to solve the problem of homeless in the city. She made reference to a law which barred police from arresting homeless people found guilty of drug offences.

I want to know what are you going to do for us Californians? I’ve had a business in downtown Sacramento for 15 years – a successful business. I now have to leave my place of business, I have to close my shop.

Novak asked for a way forward to cope with the problem of homeless people littering around the city and breaking into properties. She claimed of several attempts on different occasions to contact Newsom but failed. Novak ranted about how the governor was living in a costly residence while he was ignorant about the problems of the common people. She criticised his liberal policies which according to her were failing.

I talk to the police officers, they told me to contact you [Newsom]. They want to do something and they can’t, you changed the laws.

Novak has changed the privacy of her Twitter account. The rant which she shared is available at the Fox News website or on the Daily Mail website.

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