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Russian metal thieves run-off-with 56-tonne, 23-metre rail bridge

Russia has started a criminal investigation to find the thieves of 56-tonne, 23-metre metal bridge. The news broke out to the international media when an aerial footage started to circulate on the internet which showed central span missing from the bridge, whereas its two opposing sections were intact.

The heist took place near the borders of the Finland in the Arctic region of the Murmansk. Residents came to know about the theft, a couple of days after it had taken place. The central span of the bridge had fallen into the water, however, a couple of days after the incident, now debris or remains of the bridge could be spotted anymore. 

According to the different critics, natural phenomena couldn’t just take down that iron bridge. VK page owners noted that the rest of the structure of the bridge was intact in such a manner that no iceberg could have taken down bridge with such a sophistication. When the residents learned about the bridge, they knew that it had been stolen. 

In the beginning, the police showed some restraint to initiate an investigation as they thought that the owners themselves had dismantled the bridge. However, some days later the police started the investigation. The method of the heist and the identity of the thieves is yet unknown. VK Page speculated that metal workers might have taken down the bridge, however, once it was in water they dismantled it to be sold later. 

Back in 2018, in Apatity, a similar attempt was made to steal large metal transmission towers. Back in 2008, Russian police had launched an investigation against a group of thieves who had stolen a 200-metal bridge. The police conducted the operation in a night-time raid. VK Page wrote in a post that no one would care for the bridge, since it wasn’t an area of Germany, otherwise if it was in Germany, the government would have taken care of restoring the vandalised bridge.

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