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Russian Kid claims himself from Mars & experts believe him

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A Russian kid has made an out of the world claim; he says that he was born on Mars. He is a school kid and professors are baffled because of his queer claim. The Sun reported that this kid claims to have out-of-the-world intelligence. Little Kipriyanovich is a resident of Volgograd, Russia. He claims that he had spent his life on the war ravaged red planet. (It seems like he has consumed some Hollywood movies and maybe he wants to live in fantasy.)

However, one thing is amazing about this kid. He has extra-ordinary knowledge about the planets and solar system. He has confounded experts because of this knowledge, reports The Sun. The mother of Little Kipriyanovich says that she knew her son was special; when he was born he was able to hold his head up within 2 weeks.

My son started to hold up his neck on his own around two weeks after he was born. He also started to speak pretty quickly, in a few months. By the time he turned one, he was able to speak, draw and paint. (claims the mother of little Kiprivanovich)

The Sun reported that when he was given admission in school he never missed an opportunity to make his teachers worried. The teachers of the kid were astonished to watch his writing and thinking capability. They couldn’t believe that a kid could have such abilities, reported The Sun.

The parents of the kid claim that they never made their son learn about the planets and solar system but somehow he ended up demonstrating them knowledge about the alien civilisation and conditions on Mars. He told his parents some strange things about the Mars. The Sun reported the claims of the boy. According to him he was a martian pilot in some other time and he had taken a journey to the earth. The kid says that there are a lot of hidden things on the earth; Great Pyramid of Giza according to him is one of those secrets.

The kid claimed that Mars got destroyed because of a nuclear war.

Note: This is a trending news on the Russian media, TalkOfWeb by no means corroborates this as a fact. You can search the internet for more information.

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