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Russian Couple keeps Bear as Pet because they like to challenge Death

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During the cold war, the world Russian was a major tease to the most Americans. The agencies of each country were trying hard to breach the security of each other. The Leninism in Russia had brought a swift change in their eco-system. Anyhow, this latest news is about Russia where a couple keeps a bear as a pet because they like to challenge death. They feel like they have no fear of death.

Many people like to keep dogs and cats as pets because they don’t have any fear of those animals. Keeping a bear as a pet is a different thing. The bear can go wild anytime causing a harm to anyone coming in its way.

Visually the bears are cute but they are capable of doing anything once raged. Meet Stepan, a 23-year-old bear that lives in Russia. The couple keeps it as a pet and they are not fearful of their pet-bear. Around, 0.1 million bears are estimated to live in Eurasia according to an estimate of World Wildlife Fund. Stepan doesn’t live in the wild.

Svetlana and Yuiry own it as a pet and thus it spends most of its time with the owners. Stepan is around seven foot tall and weighs 21 stone. The Panteleenkos had adopted him when he was merely 3 months of age and since then they have developed much love for him.

Stepan likes nothing more than to cuddle up with us on the sofa at night while we’re watching television said Svetlana

The food of Stepan includes 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs every day. The owners say that the bear is really sociable and likes to meet people. She further added that the bear isn’t aggressive at all and no one even got bitten by it.

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