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Russia pays in same coin after US suspends nuclear missile treaty

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United States and Russia in the past confronted each other at different avenues. The relations between the two countries were never that good, the basis of these sour relations was the new Russian economic model. The communism vs the capitalism debate caused a lot of strain between the two countries. During the Cold War, the two countries had signed a nuclear missile agreement, this was called as Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces agreement. This was signed way back in 1987 and as a result the agreement solved the crisis over Soviet missiles.

Trump had earlier showed intentions of withdrawal from treaty

The president of USA had last year showed intentions of the USA withdrawal from the treaty unless Russia responds to its obligations. Trump was of the opinion that Russia didn’t keep its side of the bargain. However, until recently he took out America from the treaty. This was quite obvious since Trump has also stopped honouring various other international treaties. After this, Putin decided to pay in the same coin.

Our American partners have announced they are suspending their participation in the deal, and we are also suspending our participation. (said Putin in response to Trump)

Putin said that he wouldn’t initiate any disarmament talks with USA. He based his reasons of no talks on the behaviour of the partners for being less professional. He said that he would resume such talks once USA is mature enough. This deal was signed by the then Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan back in 1987. This deal was meant to put an end to the Soviet nuclear-tipped missile which were targeting the west. Russia and America were at disadvantage because of this deal as the other major actor China was developing some fine missiles. The US had earlier given Russia a warning period of 60 days in order to let it disassemble the missiles which breached the treaty. Putin was assertive that his country has not involved in such a missile production which was against the treaty of 1987.

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