Russia orders all orcas and belugas kept in Whale Prison to set free with help of Dicaprio

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It might be surprising for some people to learn that there are some sort of prisons for the aquatic life living whales in Russia. These prisons as the name suggests are there to capture whales and later use them for the economic gains. The Russian authorities have at numerous times charged these companies which were involved in this business of illegal detention of the aquatic life. These companies have a Portfolio of selling the unique aquatic animals to the amusement parks all around the globe and as everyone knows that the business of tourism is burgeoning in the entire world since the mankind always tries to get new experience in life. The border guard department in Russia has been after these companies since years and according to their Research and investigation they found that there must have been four companies behind this concocted plan to capture whales in the prison. The activist group have always shown their concerns behind these prisons Russian whales and at numerous times they have also released the pictures of these whales stuck inside these prison facilities.

The sources have confirmed and various environmentalists have made claims that belugas and orcas are kept in cramped conditions in a Marine containment facility in Srednyaya Bay near the Vladivostok. This particular news item has become a bone of contention between the environmentalists and the companies involved in this profitable and inhuman business. The president of the Russia Vladimir Putin was himself involved in the investigation against these companies and he had ordered the concerned authorities to find those involved in this inhuman business. It is worth noting that in the black market this captured whales are sold for up to 4.6 million dollars each and this is a massive amount for anyone who is money greedy and hungry for economic gains. Until recently the efforts of environmental activists became real and they actually made some progress after the hundred whales were ordered to be released and this is not only the good news but the firms behind this business were also charged by the concerned authorities in Russia. This all progress has been made because president Putin was himself concerned about this aquatic life.

Expertise showed that the animals were kept in unsatisfactory conditions, and must be released into their natural habitat. (according to TASS news agency)

The Kremlin has reported that around 87 beluga and 11 orcas whales are being kept in cruel pools and the necessary conditions for their healthy living were not been fulfilled by the captores. Ecology minister of the Russia in an interview to the media said that the government was really concerned about these whales and they had been trying the best to make them free from such a bad condition of captivity. According to him the government did everything in its power to get these whales released and ultimately they came to something good. The greenpeace had earlier released a joint statement saying that keeping the waves in such a facility was tantamount to torturing them. For a little information for the readers the Russian law only allows the capturing of whales for sake of scientific purposes. One of the companies involved in this business had earlier signed a contract in China but that got cancelled because they failed to prove that the captured whales were being kept for educational purpose and proper conditions of their habitat were in maintenance. This is what kept in a prison which was built by these companies little off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. A petition for the release of these whales was signed by Hollywood actors and Leonardo DiCaprio was topping the list of someone supporting this cause.

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