Rude woman demands discount on a 50 cent Christmas Ornament, Retail worker gets revenge

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Christmas is quite a joyous time for a lot of people, especially it’s much awaited event for the kids who are waiting for Santa to get them their gifts. Obviously not many know about the reality of Santa but he is an important part of the entire event. The situation can be totally different for someone who works in retail, as during the Christmas time they have to work overtime for managing the extra burden of the customers. Almost everyone is seeking to buy gifts from the retail as Christmas is about to happen after a few days.

Seeking  a discount in Christmas is quite obvious because a lot of people are on a tight budget. They want to save their income while attempting to enjoy the event of Christmas. This story is about a retail worker and the revenge which she took from a customer. The story is quite amusing. Thus, the retail worker Sarah Demaneuf decided to share her story with the internet and like all amusing stories it went viral on the social media.

The shop in which Sarah was working had been selling some cheap ornaments for the even of Christmas. These ornaments were quite cheap and cheap enough that no body would have asked for any discount on these items. The cost was only 50 cents. One woman customer decided to seek a discount of 25 cents. The lady customer and Sarah got into an argument regarding the price of the star  shaped ornament. Sarah got irritated and she decided to take revenge, thus she followed a brilliantly executed act of revenge. This can seem to be unnecessary however, the way she executed it made it quite special for everyone to know. 

Sarah shared the story on Facebook, claiming the woman seeking discount became belligerent

After having an argument the lady customer finally came to some conclusion, Sarah shared that the customer was driving some high end Lexus and felt pretty well of if accounted for status.

Sarah shared the details of the incident in a Facebook post.

The retail worker decided to push the limits and she bought every existing Christmas ornament in the entire town. Sarah later used those ornaments as gifts for the friends and family. She wrote, “For years Igave the ornaments to friends and family, but I saved just on for myself. 17 years later, I still smile when I hang it on my tree.

Sarah said that she never came across the woman after that one incident. She was hopeful that her story might resonate with a lot of retail workers because many people faced such a situation with customers. One person wrote in comment that she wouldn’t have told the angry customer that the entire lot of star Christmas ornament were sold in the town.

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